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Mami Tomoe
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Before everything:
This is NOT HC 2.0.
This (update) is NOT made by @user Happy Camper: (the original file is)

Original file: file cs2d HC Admin Script 1.9.3 (226)

I've sent an E-Mail to @user Happy Camper: about permissions to upload this file, if he ever responds negatively I will take this file down, or ask someone else to do so.


Now, this file:

Changelog has written:
1.9.4 2020-02-06
Bugs Fixed:
* Internal login ID management issues.

1.9.4 2020-11-29
Bugs Fixed:
* Wall menu command permissions were not placed in the configuration file.

1.9.4 2019-12-07
New Features:
* Now supports STEAM saves, users and bans.
* Now supports 16:9 resolutions.
* Clock and map vote resized.
* Compressed server transfer files.

Bugs Fixed:
* Clock no longer hides in-game HUD elements.
* Map vote no longer hides the chat box.
* Editor no longer hides when the player is dead.

I couldn't efficiently test this, so if anything breaks feel free to tell me about it as I'm quite good at scripting HC scripts.

But don't ask me to make scripts for you, you will be ignored.

Again, I did NOT make this (original file), I just updated this (original file) for the people who cared about this (update).

29/11/2020 - Wall menu command now uses the main config file to evaluate permissions, rather than the module itself.
07/12/2020 - The function
will have proper outputs under all circumstances (unless login is
> String containing the login number.
> String containing the number 0, if no login is found.
01/03/2021 - Fixed
's identify menu.
25/03/2021 - Fixed player names that started with
disabled menu buttons.
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